Use the following tips to keep your back strong and healthy:

Work those muscles! Exercising your entire body will in turn lead to a stronger back. All the muscles in the body are interconnected. Strong back muscles are important in keeping your spine safe and in the right place, as are strong ab muscles, leg muscles, arms, etc. Walking and swimming are two healthy practices that are greatly beneficial to back health.

Pay Attention! Whether you are sleeping, standing, or sitting at your desk, you want to be properly aligned in your spine. Adjust pillows, computer screens and chairs to support your back’s health. Take breaks from any position you hold for long amounts of time to stretch your spine and neck.

Lift Properly. When you pick something up, bend from the knees, not from the waist. When carrying heavy items, distribute the weight evenly from right to left. Avoid bags that place all the weight on one shoulder, or shift the weight from side to side frequently.

Get Regular treatments. Chiropractic and physiotherapy work are both important aspects of good back health. These two work together to encourage the muscles in the back to support proper alignment of the spine.

Don’t ignore back pain. Cease activities that aggravate your back unless you’re sure they’re not doing more harm than good. Use heat or ice applications as necessary, and visit your chiropractor and physiotherapist to deal with back issues.

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