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Read feedback and comments from patients who have visited Pure.

Robert “Bobby” Chinn

internationally renowned television presenter, chef, restaurateur and cookbook author.

I have traveled this world several times over and have been treated by: acupuncturists, cranial osteopaths, Rolfers and gifted healers that reduce tension, stiffness, pain blah blah blah…. Dr. Nashila Jaffer is a gifted chiropractor that has helped me during my stay in Dubai. She is thorough and methodical in her approach and successful in both soft tissue and high velocity manipulations. I am most grateful for the immediate and longer term relief that she has given me. If you have additional time I highly suggest that a couple of sessions in conjunction with physical therapy with Mariann are the perfect tonic for anyone seeking longer term relief.

Dr Chowdhury

Senior House Officer, Trauma and Orthopedic NHS UK..

As a doctor of Trauma and orthopedic, chiropractic treatment was a revelation to me. I was amazed at how chiropractic therapy can greatly influence the treatment of whiplash injury. Specially at Pure Chiropractic, Dr Nashila goes extra mile to understand your symptoms and reach a diagnosis before she starts her treatment. The treatment in itself is a holistic one and Dr Nashila takes great care to bring the best outcome in her treatment. I had chronic neck pain due to Whiplash injury for the last four years. Chiropractic treatment has so far given me the best relief of the neck pain. I wish I tried Chiropractic treatment earlier. I would recommend anyone having Neck, shoulder and arm pain, Whiplash injuries, Lower back pain and Sciatica to first visit Pure Chiropractic and consult with Dr Nashila. I can’t thank Dr Nashila enough.

Matthew S.

I would like to enthusiastically recommend The Pure European Chiropractic Centre. When my treatment began with Dr. Mitra Chini, I had significant pain and stiffness in my lower back , the result of sports related injuries over the years. In a very short period of time under the care of the center, I was pain free and able to resume exercising. While I have received chiropractic treatment in the past, the care I have received at Pure European Chiropractic Centre and specifically from Dr.Mitra Chini is far superior even to the care I have received in the US. Finally the people at the centre demonstrated a wonderful combination of expertise, warmth and kindness.

Rosemarie D.

Had my initial visit with Dr Mitra Chini last 6th February 2016, referred by my colleague. Historically I have been diagnosed of Disc bulge C3,C4,C5 since 2006, through MRI, in Dubai. My left side is the most affected part the pain and numbness from neck to shoulder down to my hip. Since then I attended different specialist’s i.e. Ortho surgeon, Neurosurgeon and was recommended of medicines and Physiotherapy. No history of injury or accident so my doctor would have suggested as whiplash which I could relate when I had a near-death accident back in 1994. Wow! To count it’s been more than a decade with pain and numbness. With all those I would say it only gave me temporary relief. Nature of my work is office setting leading a team so imagine the stress that really aggravates my condition. Until 6th February the first time I met Dr Mitra Chini, who is expert in the field of Chiropractic has made my suffering turn into blessing in disguise. First session was the one of my best days for the longest time I felt no pain and numbness. Still vivid in my mind how Dr Mitra Chini did the manipulation with funny cracking sounds in every turn.  Bottom line first experience with Chiro gives me a brand new life and my treatment is ongoing. That we should not stop exploring all possibilities cause in this life journey somewhere, someone would bring sunshine to your life, again. Thank you Dr Mitra Chini for your kind service and most importantly for letting me TRUST you. To return the favour I spread good vibes and positivity, expect my colleagues and friends visiting your clinic one of these days.

Ahmed Fawzi

I had lived with back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain for few years. I was unable to sleep properly, I always had injuries in my neck and between my shoulder blades, so bad that prevented me from exercising, living normally and even socializing. I had visited a few orthopedics who X-rayed this and MRI’ed that but they all told me that I’m absolutely fine and all I end up with was a prescription of pain killers and muscle relaxants. I had lost hope for a while until I stumbled on a youtube video explaining chiropractic treatment. I was amazed of the way and it all made sense and started searching over the internet to find a nearest clinic. Pure European Chiropractic was right opposite to where I work. Very friendly staff, I was quickly booked for an appointment with Dr. Mitra Chini who was very welcoming and listened to all I had to say about my pain and injuries history. She absorbed all the information and analyzed it then started to ask me specific questions to dig the root cause of how the pain might occur. I got my treatment and already felt better and kept going until I was fine again. I could exercise again. I could sleep again without any pain killers or medications. Dr. Mitra’s expertise changed my lifestyle forever. Big thanks to her and Dr. Nashila too for taking care of me.

Abdullah Hadi

I’m a scoliosis patient suffering for more than four months with lower back pain. After I saw Dr. Nashila I cannot tell how she helps me to reduce the pain more than 60%. I just wanted to thank her for all the hard work she has done for me. It has greatly changed the way I view myself. Dr. Nashila I really appreciate you and I think you’re a wonderful doctor.

Sonia Hamdi

I have seen several chiropractors over the past 4 years and can firmly say the best are at Pure Chiro! I can’t live without it anymore, it keeps me balanced and helped my body through pregnancy and post childbirth. I had a condition whilst pregnant called SPD which chiro improved dramatically and without chiropractic treatments I would probably have ended up on crutches! All in all I can not recommend Pure Chiro highly enough and just hope you give it a try to change your life and help your body forever!!!

Sumitra Gidwani

I can’t recommend Dr Nashila at Pure Chiropractic enough! She truly has magic hands that performed miracles on my back before and whilst I was pregnant. She has a wonderful manner that makes you feel very comfortable and looked after during and after the treatment. I had never experienced chiropractic treatment before and I had some reservations, but after my experience at Pure Chiropractic I have been converted and I can only say positive things about the clinic.

Matt E. (

 (Patient from Pure Chiropractic Clinic in UK)

Having suffered from lower back and frozen neck & shoulder pains since my late teens (take heed all young fast bowlers), I have been treated by a fair few chiropractors, some good, some bad. Some who try to sign you up to long unnecessary courses of treatments just to fleece you of your money… However, I can’t speak highly enough of Pure Chiropractic, where I have been a (relatively) regular customer for the past 7 years. Not only are their adjustments both gentle and relieving, all the staff go the extra mile to put you at ease. I have recommended Pure Chiropractic to my friends in the past and all have been extremely pleased, to the point where they themselves are also now regulars… Many, many, many thanks!!


(Patient from Pure Chiropractic Clinic in UK)

The severe and ongoing pain in my lower back was making my life a misery. It overshadowed everything I did and the symptoms of depression were starting to show. I was starting to feel OLD! The very first treatment took the edge off the pain and from then on the improvement has been remarkable. My energy has returned and especially for me, I can now walk again, two or three miles without distress. Also I can walk upstairs upright, rather than on all fours as before. At the age of 81 health is very important to me, with quality more important and quantity. Thank you.


(Patient from Pure Chiropractic Clinic in UK)

I felt I couldn’t move for the fear of pain. I walked like a penguin and moved like a snail! When a friend suggested to try a chiropractor (recommending me to Nashila) I thought he was mad. I felt that painful area couldn’t be touched let alone be ‘clicked’. But you can only be strong for so long and then I gave in and tried the chiropractic care. That started in 2003, and remembering how the treatment helped me, I am back again. It feels like the tension in my body has been lifted off. After each treatment my body feels more flexible. No sign of migraines. I advise anybody who is having treatment to relax, it is a natural cure. It has helped me tremendously and I would recommend it to everyone!


 (Patient from Pure Chiropractic Clinic in UK)

I came in with acute lumbar problems – but long term severe neck and shoulder problems. These curtailed my hobbies of golf, quilting and gardening. The whole of my neck and shoulder area has been transformed. Last week on holiday in Portugal I played 3 testing courses in a 5 day period with no ill affects! This week on Lady Captain’s Day I even won a prize. Overall I am delighted with my progress and plan to continue long term with treatments.!

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