Pranali Kamat

Pranali Kamat


Pranali Kamat is a highly skilled and dedicated physiotherapist. With a patient-centered approach, Pranali develops customized treatment plans to address musculoskeletal conditions, facilitate rehabilitation, and enhance physical well-being.

Pranali holds a Master’s degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy from KLE College of Physiotherapy in Belgavi, India. With three years of experience in the field, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to her practice.

In addition to her academic achievements, Pranali has obtained certifications as an Aerobic Instructor, Pilates Practitioner, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Dry Needling Practitioner. These certifications reflect her commitment to expanding her skill set and staying current with the latest advancements in the field.

With her extensive experience and a commitment to evidence-based practices, Pranali delivers exceptional care, achieving positive outcomes for her patients. She firmly believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes regular maintenance of physiotherapy and chiropractic care for optimal physical well-being.

Pranali is dedicated to empowering her patients to take an active role in their health and encourages them to adopt healthy habits and practices outside of treatment sessions. By educating individuals on the benefits of regular exercise, proper posture, and self-care, she aims to prevent future injuries and promote long-term well-being.”

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