As chiropractors we are looking predominantly to the spine and its movement, function and alignment. Alignment of the pelvis becomes particularly important during pregnancy and is the main reason why all pregnant women should get checked by a chiropractor during their pregnancy.

There are 3 main reasons why having proper pelvic alignment may improve the health of the pregnancy, and they are Passenger, Power, Passage.

Passenger: The baby is always going to assume the most natural position within the womb. By improving pelvic balance we can optimize the space where the baby is developing, giving them the best chance to be in the correct position when they need to be.

Power: Pelvic balance will take undue stress off the joints and can also help improve nerve innervation to muscles that are important when it comes to delivering a baby.

Passage: Maintaining an even pelvis will also maximize the space where the baby is going to pass through when it comes to delivery.

According to studies, these three benefits of pelvic balance can help have a healthier and easier pregnancy and delivery.


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