Chiropractors work with the spine and other joints to ensure they are functioning optimally. Spinal adjustments reduce stress on the joints of the spine allowing them to move more freely, thus improving nerve conductivity throughout the body. So, how frequently should you get adjusted? Here are some things to consider:

Patients with chronic low back pain for instance need to get adjusted more frequently at the early stages of treatment. As function, mechanics, and mobility start to improve, they eventually come in less frequently. Most people recognize the benefits of getting adjusted, so ultimately, they come in for maintenance adjustments every now and then even after the initial phase of treatment has been completed.

What is maintenance care?
The human body is essentially a mechanical structure made up of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissue that holds all these together. Anything mechanical – cars, musical instruments, machines, etc. require regular tuning to maintain its proper function. Our body is similar in that sense. Internal and external factors in our lives cause stress through the joints and nerves of the body. Getting adjusted every 4-6 weeks is one way of making sure these stresses are kept at bay, and that our bodies are physically sound.

For several reasons, proper posture and ergonomics (especially in the workplace) are often neglected. This eventually leads to chronic pain, poor movement, and disease. Uneven shoulders, hunched over shoulders, and a tilted pelvis are all symptoms of postural dysfunction. Having poor posture is like having bad wheel alignment in your car – the car doesn’t move as well as it should. Eventually, this will lead to other problems. Regular adjustments coupled with spinal exercises enable the spine to be in a more neutral position, reducing stress throughout the joints and muscles.

Several studies have proven that getting adjusted regularly leads to better posture, sleep, and overall health of the spine. Come visit our chiropractors today to speak about the several other benefits of getting adjusted.

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