On average people spend 5-6 hours a day looking at their phone. When we look down for long periods, this prolonged posture puts strain on the neck or cervical spine. Over time this strain causes a repetitive stress injury or overuse syndrome called “text neck” to develop. It has become an increasing problem, affecting technology users of all ages. When you bend your head forward, it places the equivalent of approximately 60 pounds of weight on your neck. Over time, this weakens your neck muscles and can cause spinal misalignment.

Prevention is better than cure!

Be mindful of your posture and avoid looking down at your phone for long periods. You can reduce the pressure on your neck by simply raising your phone to eye level. In addition, we spend too much time sitting, which poses its own problems. Taking regular breaks from your screen every 20 minutes or so is recommended. Aim to sit up straight with your head in a neutral position and your feet flat on the ground. Proper posture is beneficial for your spinal health, and overall wellness and mood.

At Pure, our chiropractors help restore your neck’s range of motion, relieve pain, and strengthen the muscles to treat text neck. We also provide you with a treatment plan that combines chiropractic with physiotherapy, as well as stretches and exercises you can do at home.

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