Dubai’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road is usually crammed with vehicles on their way to destinations across the city. But on 8 November this year, the traffic will fall silent to make way for the Dubai Fitness Challenge – a public fun run in which anyone can participate.

Participants will choose between a 5 km course and a 10 km course, depending on their level of fitness. And both routes will take them down some of the city’s busiest boulevards and streets, providing them with a unique perspective on this ever-changing metropolis.

All runners will start on the Sheikh Zayed Road and follow it for around 2.5 km. Those on the 5km course will then take a left into the DIFC high rise buildings before passing the Emirates Towers and heading down Happiness street to the finishing line. Ten-kilometer participants will continue a little further until they reach Financial Centre Road. They will then head towards the Burj Khalifa and perform a 360-degree loop of the building before heading back to Happiness Street in Al Wasl to join everyone else.

Make sure you’re ready for the event

Because the run is one of the most anticipated events of Dubai, many participants will be attempting to run long distances for the first time. And that comes with risks.

Runners need physiologically balanced bodies if they want to run with minimal risk of injury. The hips, pelvis, and knees should be straight and level. If they’re not, then the repeated strain of long-distance running could potentially lead to lasting injury. And that would undoubtedly put a damper on the day.

Attempting to run five to ten kilometers without any prior preparation is generally a bad idea. Therefore, those considering taking part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge should consider working with a professional to ensure that their bodies are ready for it. Even people who engage in physical activity regularly should get a consultation.

How Chiropractors in Dubai can help you prepare for the race?

Practitioners, such as chiropractors, can evaluate your posture and let you know whether your body is ready for a major running event or not. Many people are surprised to discover the toll that both a sedentary lifestyle and running can have on their physiques – and how it might put them at risk of injury.

Chiropractors offer many forms of support. Where muscles or joints are imbalanced, they can provide you with techniques to correct the issue. Furthermore, they can also relax deep tissues in your body, relieving tense muscles in advance of the race.

Those who visit chiropractors regularly report all kinds of benefits – everything from improved sleep to better digestion. People worried about runner’s knee can get help from a trained chiro. The condition usually arises from muscle imbalances elsewhere in the body – many of which you can fix with the correct approach.

If you want to prepare yours properly before you take part, schedule an appointment with our chiropractors in Dubai. With us, you can make sure that you’re in great shape before you hit the start line.

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