A common question we often get asked here at Pure is what’s the difference between a chiropractor and a physiotherapist, and who is best to see?

Typically chiropractors are looking to the spine and joints and making specific corrections or ‘adjustments’ to restore normal movement and function. In our modern environment most of us either use a mobile phone, computer or drive a car, and in some cases all three! Regular usage creates postural strain and puts our spine and joints under a lot of stress and in doing so creates a lot of stiffness and dysfunction. Chiropractors are trained to assess these joints and are able to restore proper movement via a specific chiropractic adjustment.

Postural strain also brings a lot of muscle tension that compensate and begin to over work. This is where a physiotherapist comes in, physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat this muscle imbalance through different techniques such as trigger point therapy, dry needling, active release and others.

Normally at Pure we use a combination of both techniques as both complement each other and allow us to get better and quicker results. There are certain cases where a chiropractor or a physiotherapist might be more useful but most people will benefit from seeing both.

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