Meet the Specialists

Pure European Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre employs highly skilled specialists of Chiropractic and Physiotherapists. Each has studied a minimum of four years at university, graduating from an internationally accredited program. They work to enhance their knowledge by attending professional development seminars on a continual basis.


Dr FranklinMadelaine Franklin Chiropractor

Franklin had obtained her Masters Degree in Chiropractic at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. She is affiliated with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and is registered with the Board of Health Funders and Dubai Health Authority. Franklin is an active member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and Malaysian Chiropractic Association.

After establishing a private practice in South Africa for 5 years, Franklin joined the TAGS Spine and Joint Specialist group in Malaysia offerings a level of expertise and a standard of clinical excellence in spine and joint care using the very latest technology in diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Supporting a pioneering approach to healthcare that utilizes complementary and alternative methods in health care and rehabilitation, Franklin has now joined Pure European Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre in the heart of Dubai Media City, in which to follow her career in a multidisciplinary practice.

Extended qualifications include kinesiology tapping techniques, Impulse instrumentation adjusting techniques, Dry needling, Mechanical Spinal decompression specialist, Corrective knee bracing and Orthotics.


Dr SeanSean Miner Chiropractor

Sean Miner is a 4th generation chiropractor from California, USA. After practicing with his father and grandfather in California, Miner opened and operated his own clinic in the state of Oregon for 15 years and then 4 years in Paris, France before moving to the UAE.

Since 2003, an ongoing highlight of his career has been the opportunity to provide chiropractic treatment to the nationally televised Celebrity Golf Championship. The event features 80 of the most recognized sports and entertainment celebrities, almost all of which utilize chiropractic treatment on a regular basis.

Miner treats a wide range of conditions, from persistent headaches to lower back pain and has a special interest in sports injury management. The treatment approach is thorough and he will utilize the diagnostic and treatment therapies that are best suited for your issue. This may include using physiotherapy, nutritional counseling and exercise prescription for successful treatment.


haleema-2Haleema Khan Chiropractor

Haleema Khan graduated from the Anglo European college of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, UK, in 2010 with a Masters in Chiropractic. She spent three and half years practicing along the South coast of England, before returning to her birth city of London where she worked for a further year and a half. Becoming tired of the hustle and bustle of the London life she decided to move to the UAE.

From a young age, Khan has always been conscious of her health and leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She loves to play netball, currently improving her beach volleyball skills and when she can works out in the gym.

Growing up in a traditional family, Khan has always been a hands on person, from massaging to traditional walking on backs. Realising the benefits of natural alternatives to mainstream medicine is what led her to Chiropractic.

Khan believes that life’s daily stressors whether they be physical, chemical or emotional can add up impacting on the human body in far greater ways than most realise. She believes in the holistic approach to whole family wellness. Treating the body as whole leads to proper alignment of the nervous system enabling it to function effectively, therefore promoting healing and better health around the body.

She strives to give her patients a more fulfilled and enjoyable quality of life by educating them about chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle choices. Chiropractic care is a natural healthcare approach which can help one restore and maintain balance within the body and leave you better prepared to live life to its fullest.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha


Dr JafferNashila Farrah Jaffer Chiropractor

From the villages of Iraq and East Africa, to the luscious Maldives, Nashila has helped
people all over the world achieve better health and wellness through Chiropractic. She
believes that well-being can be achieved through a meeting of mind, body and spirit. As a
Chiropractor, her aim is to bring awareness to the all-important nervous system, and how to
balance lifestyle and health with an all rounded approach. As well as treating patients at her
busy clinic in Dubai, Nashila likes to travel and share her knowledge and expertise by
treating people in a voluntary capacity, as she believes everyone should benefit from
Chiropractic care.
Nashila has been a practicing Chiropractor for over fifteen years, her wealth of
experience enabling her to treat a variety of concerns for her patients. She gained her
qualifications and training in 2001 in the UK, and after graduating with an honours degree in
Chiropractic, founded Pure Chiropractic in West London. After establishing her clinic in the
UK, Nashila moved to Dubai in 2009 and continued practicing privately in Jumeirah until
starting a family in 2010 when she dedicated the next three years wholly to her two
In 2013, Jaffer partnered with Chini to set up Pure European Chiropractic and
Physiotherapy Centre, taking her success and inspiration from her UK clinic to build the
same here in Dubai.


Mitra Chini ChiropractorDr Chini

Chini is a US board certified Chiropractor. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia (USA) in the year 2000. Prior to starting her chiropractic education, she studied at the Howard Community College in Maryland (USA) as an undergraduate.

Chini started gaining her professional experience in the US before moving to Europe with her husband. She then moved to Dubai in 2001 where she has been living for the past 14 years practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic, having treated and helped thousands of patients of all nationalities and ages, including children. Her language skills, including English, French, Farsi and some Arabic, ease her ability to listen, understand the patients’ pain and support their health and well-being.

After more than a decade practicing in the chiropractic profession, Chini remains committed to healing and treating people to have a healthy spine and nervous system. She focuses on educating her patients about the impact chiropractic has in preventing disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system and the potential effects on general health and life quality.


elgin-4Elgin John Physiotherapist

Elgin John graduated from HOSMAT Hospital Educational Institute, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences at Bangalore, India in 2010 with a degree in Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT). Elgin has primarily worked for the last 3+ years as a Senior Physiotherapist in a well-known and established Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy centre ‘Attitude Prime’ at Bangalore, India.

Elgin has deep expertise and exposure in Manual Physiotherapy that sets him apart over and above the traditional physiotherapy techniques. He has thus confirmed to hundreds of his clients that his best tool so far to help them recover out of their health hassles are indeed his hands, those which promise a healing touch! Manual therapy treatment that he specialises involves but not limited to:

 Rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal conditions like disc herniation, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis of spine, osteoarthritis of knee, frozen shoulder, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, ankylosing spondylitis
 Sports injuries condition include knee injuries (ACL, PCL, menisci tear), pain along the shin bone, rotator cuff injuries, fractures and dislocations
 Antenatal and postnatal care to address low back pain, muscle cramps and bladder control problems
 Clinical reasoning and guidance for prevention of musculoskeletal disorder which includes body conditioning and certain exercise method on a regular basis

In his experience, Elgin has addressed and solved critical musculoskeletal and sports injury conditions for nearly 400-500 patients, covering about 100-150 different scenarios. His ability to seamlessly understand the biomechanics and human physiology has won him the praises of his clients and contemporaries.

Elgin has been an active participant on many physiotherapy conferences, manual therapy techniques seminars and marathons providing his valuable expertise and strengthening his exposure in Manual therapy field. To augment his skills further, he is currently pursuing his Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT) to bring in much focus on musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries.

Elgin is a trained martial arts professional in karate and fitness conscious individual. Add to this, he is an avid barefoot runner thereby exhibiting confidence and assurance to his clients by reinforcing the fact that – Human body in itself has the power to heal and, when enabling through exercise and manual therapy those hardened pain points in our body that indeed are a result of being under-utilized or misaligned due to lack of exercises, prolonged stress, injuries and alike, one can completely recover from any critical condition.

Elgin believes that the key essence towards recovery and total restoration is reaching and eliminating the root of any symptom – His mantra remains “Treat the cause, not the symptom.”


Princess PunoPrincess Puno Physiotherapist

Prior her move to Dubai, Apple takes pride in working at a transdisciplinary manner alongside Rehabilitation Doctors, Orthosurgeons, Neurosurgeons, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and trained Physiotherapist/Physical Therapy Interns at Metropolitan Medical Center, a tertiary hospital in the Philippines.

Majority of her experience and expertise are focused on dealing with Musculoskeletal and Sports-related injuries, Pre- and Post-Operative conditions, Neurologic cases such as Stroke/CVA, SCI, Parkinson’s Disease and Cardiopulmonary Diseases with the use of Manual Therapy techniques, Exercises, Modalities like Spinal Decompression, Traction and Electrotherapy, Dry needling and Kinesiology Taping.

Her commitment, interest and unwavering amazement of the human anatomy has led her to seek further expansion of her knowledge which opted her to get her license certificate to practice in the United States of America after passing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE).

‘Are you moving poorly because you are in pain? Or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?’ A simple thought people can ponder upon. Apple believes that Physiotherapy changes the quality of a person’s life by proper assessment, treatment and prevention of diseases by targeting the main source of the problem.


Amrita GeorgeAmrita George Physiotherapist (Paediatrics)

After completing her Bachelors’ in Physiotherapy (BPT) in 2012, Amrita George went on to pursue a Masters’ Degree (MPT) specializing in Paediatrics from JSS College of Physiotherapy, Mysore under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India.In 2015, she joined Wellness One, a renowned multi-specialty rehabilitation Centre, located at Calicut in India, as a Senior Physiotherapist in the Paediatrics department.

At Wellness One, Amrita was actively part of a multidisciplinary team providing therapeutic interventions to Patients from multicultural backgrounds. She rendered screening services at schools, conducting health camps, awareness talks, assistive device prescription and providing rehabilitation services to Paediatrics Patients with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, to name a few. She has extensive practice in rehabilitation of children with various Orthopedic disorders/ injuries and Neuromuscular conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Erb Palsy, Spina bifida, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, coordination and balance disorders, Developmental Dysplasia of Hip, Club foot, Torticollis, Scoliosis and other spinal deformities, etc. She is skilled in providing rehabilitative services through Hydrotherapy, CIMT, Video Gait Analysis and gait training, Strength assessment and training, Assistive devices and Wheelchair prescription, Electrotherapy, Kinesiotaping, Oro-motor rehab, etc. She is proficient in carrying out Functional Visual Assessment for children with visual disability associated with Cerebral Palsy, which is usually neglected but plays a vital role to reach optimal functionality.

Amrita holds a special interest in studying and providing therapeutic intervention for children with rare syndromes. She has treated children with rare conditions such as Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, etc. and helped them to overcome developmental delays to reach optimal levels of function.

She wrote in an international journal highlighting factors of disablement in children with various health conditions which suggests that the attitude of parents and society at large,play a vital role. Hence, she strives to provide family-centered care involving parents in decision making and being active participants to make therapy meaningful and also sustainable. She strongly believes in building strong support system for parents of children with special needs and thus, works extensively with such families.